SDUFF IV, Sunday August 26th: Day IV (Tenth Ave Arts Center, Downtown)

facetuned [shorts block]

12:00PM | Main Theater | 103'


Ming - Danski Tang
refahmation - Nicola Awang
Las del diente - Ana PEREZ LOPEZ
The Shuttle - Lu Han
Corps Exquis - Kaylee SooHyun Lee
ACEDIA - Luciano Piazza
kiln - Salamo Manetti-Lax
Lotus Lantern - Xingpei Shen
Chakham - Yoon su Lee
Ayesha - Yanyu Dong
I Taste Blood - Lauren Sotolongo, Samantha Sobash, Russell Sheaffer
Retreat - Gary Mairs


your mileage may vary [shorts block]

2:30PM | Main Theater | 99'


what is always there - Cecilia Sweet-Coll
Space Between - Josh Cloud
Optimism - Deborah Stratman
Ccconvolve - Scott Fitzpatrick, Colby Richardson
Palmerston Blvd. - Dan Browne
Home - Paolo Zuniga
Ai Can - Mengxi Yang
The Reminder - Behrouz Raei
Untitled - Behrouz Raei
Not For Medical Use - Camila Moreiras
Jenny & John - Heather Trawick
Please step out of the frame. - Karissa Hahn
(100ft) - Min Jung Kim
Frontier Wisdom - Jenna Caravello
Negative 25 - Jenny Stark
Mahogany Too - Akosua Adoma Owusu
What Lit the Earth - MeganElizabeth Diamond


Trans Youth (2017) + Out: A Self Portrait

Dir. Rebecca Adler | 84' | Color/Sound | HD | USA 

4:30Pm | Main Theater


This feature length documentary trails a handful of young trans Austinites as they forge and fortify their adult identities. In an early scene, Elliot, a youth with choppy green hair, recounts how their father says trans people are ‘destroying the fabric of America.’ In the next scene, holding their phone in a shaking hand, they tell their mother, their father’s voice in the background, that they’re transgender.

While trans identity is more visible than ever — the subject of television shows, talked about in the media, and tied up in controversial legislation — films that take us directly into the lives of trans youth are rare. Trans Youth, by closely following seven different subjects as they navigate both the tumult and the ecstasy of growing up, lets us get to know them as individuals rather than stereotypes.

Filmed over three years, the documentary invites us to travel with our subjects as they grow up. We watch them face up to family judgment, find voice in DIY punk bands, navigate the unknowns of hormone therapy, move through the transitions of top surgery, and do this all with courage. Our subjects speak honestly and directly about their lives. They are articulate, self-aware and not afraid to voice provocative beliefs.

Proceeded by Out: A Self Portrait directed by Danny Curley