SDUFF IV, Saturday August 25th: Day III (Tenth Ave Arts Center, Downtown)

NSFL [shorts block]

12:00PM | Main Theater | 105'


The Night in the Last Branches - Michael Morris
Lazaretto - Kevin Endres 
Wishful Thinking - Allan Brown
SDtoHDuprezMaxV2_009.mp4 - Anna Spence
Returning The Bees - Kyle Petty
Hijacked - Shambhavi Kaul
Dessert-Disaster - Alison Nguyen
The Water Slide - Nathan Truesdell
Schrödinger's Cat Part 1 - Takahiro Suzuki
Irma - Kate Shults
Void Vision - Alexander Stewart
Creatures of Habit - Josh Drake
Future Light (2021) - Karissa Hahn


CD9//99 [shorts block]

2:15PM | Main Theater | 105'


Fathers & Sons - Benjamin Markus 
Our Mothers - Sam Hinsvark
Mom's Clothes - Jordan Wong
How Old Are You? How Old Were You? - Cherlyn Hsinghsin Liu
Saltwater Baptism - Jared Callahan, Russell Sheaffer
81.92 - Matthew Wolkow
Sometimes Loud but Mostly Quiet - Beaux Mingus
Beth's three o'clock with Dr. Harlow - Emma Penaz Eisner
FOREIGN QUARTERS - Rajee Samarasinghe
And I (y yo) - Gabriela Escovar
Strawberries Will Save The World - Yoko Okumura


texts from the grave [shorts block] 

4:45 PM | Main Theater | 88'

It's Easier to Raise Cattle - Amanda Nell Eu
UNDER BONE - Dana Washington
Entropia - Marinah Janello
Rabbit's Blood - Sarina Nihei
Onikuma - Alessia Cacchet
Gills - Jamie Kim
Cowboy Castle - Kaitlin Martin
How to make a ghost - Gabriela Escovar
Quiver - Shayna Connelly
Psa - Karissa Hahn
Diana - Traci Hercher


Tears of a Mudlark [performance]

6:45PM | Gallery II (3rd Floor) | 17' | Performed by Charlotte Pryce

This is the story of a reluctant outlaw, a scavenger, a visionary. It is a science fiction fable for the Anthropocene told with the delicate light of the Magic Lantern. It is a work of pre cinematic moving images, with slides that are hand made and hand processed. Accompanied by original music from Beaux Mingus. - CP


Sonoda [performance]

7:30PM | Main Theater | Bandcamp

Indie dream pop based out of Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles-based ensemble Sonoda (suh-NO-duh) is the full band realization of Lisa Sonoda’s bedroom project. Lisa’s first solo release, Clearing (Never Anything Records, 2017), is a densely layered set of 18 songs— taking form amidst fluttering synthesizer textures and reverberant orchestration.

The full live band expands on these songs with six members each shaping the blooming melodies and stereophonic wash that defines Sonoda. A live full-length album, Karaoke Life is due out on Never Content Records in the fall of 2018. - LS


Glide of Transparency (2016)

Dir. Betzy Bromberg | 89' | Color/Sound | 16mm | USA | Festival World Premiere

8:00PM |Main Theater

Following a Darkness Swallowed (2005) and Voluptuous Sleep (2011), Betzy Bromberg’s third experimental feature, Glide of Transparency, goes further into translucent abstraction while conveying the intimate feeling of being transported to a sublimated inner garden. Glide of Transparency unfolds in three movements, each layered with its own artful sound design (field recordings of birds and insects, ambient audio, vocals, and a composition for acoustic instruments). The non-narrative progression, Bromberg says, is “a journey devoid of compass bearings, forging pathways without a path.” Luscious curves, vibrant colors, and the scintillating trajectory of light over matter, over filmic texture, echo fragmented memories of paintings we have loved, and, embracing love, bring us to transcendence. - BB


WASI [performance]

10:30PM |Main Theater | Bandcamp

WASI is a electro-punk meets alt-hip-hop band based out of Los Angeles, CA. Their songs create a reminiscent pop soundtrack to those So-Cal nights of angsty garage punk shows and skinny dipping at the beach. 

Built on grassroot do it yourself ethics, WASI makes loud strides in their self-proclaimed genre, riot-pop. Comparable to the sounds of Pussy Riot meets MIA, they combine their influences of alternative hip hop, punk and top 40’s pop to create anthems that speak to your own tender time. 

They have toured on festivals such as the Vans Warped Tour and PRIDE, shared the stage with artists such as The Mowgli’s, Shiny Toy Guns, The Naked and Famous and K. Flay. WASI has released three successful EPs and in Spring 2018 commenced on a US tour, supporting select dates with Caroline Rose. These fire-starters create music that is deeply personal yet danceable. - WASI


GLYPH [performance]

11:15PM |Main Theater | Performed by Jael Jacobo with live score by Ezequiel Guido

Glyph is a piece of Expanded Cinema based on the graphic representations engraved and carved in rocks, made in prehistory by our ancestors. This piece is based on petroglyphs found in the Guerrero and Michoacán areas, these glyphs where drawn on 16mm film and animated to transformation from one symbol to another. - JJ


ask me anything [shorts block]

12:15PM |Main Theater | 50'

DEPARTURE - Donovan Vim Crony
A Great Fall - Jukeboxheadaches
CIVET - Benjamin Capps
In a Jar - Sam Hinsvark, Basile Journet