SDUFF IV, Thursday August 23rd: Day I (Located at Bread & Salt Gallery, Barrio Logan

Davey Donaldson

7:30PM | Bread & Salt

Guitarist and engineering sound wizard. Groovy, soulful and far out songs, with mesmerizing video projection.


Use Your Delusion (2017) 

8:00PM | Bread & Salt | Dir. Jamie Vega Wheeler + Justin Carlton | 87' | USA 

Man Man frontman, Ryan Kattner, didn’t want to be sleeping on hotel room floors 15 years into making music, but he doesn’t have a choice. Starting over as an opening act under the name Honus Honus, he searches for the joy in making music with the people he loves. This enduring task is a hustle, and pressure for any kind of success looms in each new city and on each new stage, as he tries to win over an audience—one song at a time.


Riston Diggs 

10:00 PM | Bread & Salt |

Recognized as a "rock star" performer, San Diego based artist Riston Diggs, is the latest voice to emerge from California’s musical haven. Noted as “incredibly poignant”, Diggs has become a stand out artist in San Diego coining his signature sound as "rock-hop"; a mash-up of innovative elements of hip-hop, rock, and soul. Diggs' debut project, PTSD(2015), is best described as a blend of hard hitting yet soulful expressions documenting his challenges, desires, and ambitions post a 9-year military career. He aspires to use his voice to echo the importance of authenticity. He is currently traveling the Southern California circuit, regularly performing at San Diego venues including Tin Roof, Tipsy Crow, and City Pub.


the  joy of missing out [shorts block]

10:15PM | Bread & Salt | 86'

An Empty Threat - Josh Lewis
BURDY? BIRDY! - Yoon su Lee, Gaia Marcaccini, Mengxi Yang , Sujin Kim, Isabel Higgins
- Shunsaku Hayashi

Garden Statues, House Plants - Eugene Caines
601 Revir Drive - Josh Weissbach
3 peonies - Stephanie M Barber
Ambrosia - Janelle VanderKelen
Down Escalation - Shunsaku Hayashi
Aura of Uncertainty - Ryan Marino
Applied Pressure - Kelly Sears
Walking Cycle - Wenhua Shi
Ciudad basura - Eliseo Ortiz
Dull Hope - Brian Ratigan
Beneath a Glass Floor Lobby - Lisa Danker
Tri-Alogue #2
- Caryn Cline, Linda Fenstermaker, Reed O'Beirne
In Media Res - Gloria Chung
Nonoko/Kaos No Ma - Michael Lyons